Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Every One Loves the Gift of Booze!

So with the month of December now in bone-chilling full swing we are probably all feeling the nervous tension that almost always leads up to the holiday season. We are out trying to find that special gift for that perfect person. The staff at Star wants to make gift buying a little bit easier for you. We have the gifts that everybody loves and nobody returns. Whether you are trying to impress your boss, or bring a tear to the eye of a loved one, Star can help.

Do you have a wine lover in your life?

Oh, there are so many wonderful wines you can give as a gift. Bottles of all styles, all prices. If you are really feeling saucy ask to see our secret wine cellar. There are bottles down there that are so good just thinking about them makes me a little misty. You can also take advantage of our month 15% off on the 15th special. Take 15% off all of your wine purchases on Wednesday, December 15th. It is the perfect excuse to splurge a bit or to just stock up for the season. If there is one thing you can count on at Star it is that whether you are buying that dream bottle from the cellar or you are just looking for something to go with pizza tonight we can help you find it.

Need a gift for the spirits drinker in your life?

Whether it is single salt scotch, or something made closer to home we have the bottle to make them happy. There are spirits like gin, vodka, apple brandy, rum, honey liqeuer, whiskey and many others being made right here in Wisconsin and in small craft distelleries across the country. We have a huge selection to choose from. Of course our good friends from down in bourbon country in Kentucky are turning our some prized spirits and we have tried them all. Feel free to pick our brains to find just the right ones. Maybe you need a gift for someone who loves them all and dreams of tasting as many as possible. This person needs a ticket to Distill America: A Celebration of American Distilling in February. You could give them their ticket into a room filled with the finest spirits made right here in the U.S. and the people who are responsible for making them. We have tickets available now at Star.

Maybe you need something for that special beer geek on your list?

Beer geek is not a derisive term at Star. It is what we are and we are proud of it. There is a seemingly never ending supply of new and exciting beers out there. They get released every week and there is truly something for everyone. Mixed 12 packs from some of our favorite brewers have always been a holiday tradition at Star and this year is no exception. You can also make your own gift pack by picking a variety of 6 packs from our selection.
So as you can see there is something for everyone at Star.
Come and see and let us help make your holiday gift giving more pleasant.
See you all soon.

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