Monday, November 1, 2010

FREE Tastings at Star

Hello friends. Here is a little explanation about how our free tastings at Star work. They have become very regular things for us and we enjoy them quite a bit. Based on the number of people who join us it is safe to say that you do too. If you have never been to one let me ask…What the heck is wrong with you? It is free beer or wine. HA!


Free beer tastings happen at Star nearly every Friday night of the year. Sometimes a beer tasting will happen on an off day if there is a conflict or a special event. They take place from 4pm to 7pm and they are usually conducted by someone from the brewery. Often times it is the head beer maker or sometimes it is a sales rep. What these people know is that when they come to a Star Liquor beer tasting they had better know their stuff. That is because you guys are going to ask real questions and expect real answers. You are not going to get away with marketing pitches when you pour your beer at Star. We get fantastic responses from the brewery folks that pour here. They are always so amazed at how willing our customers are to try new things and how interested they are in how these beers are made. So keep up the good work and we will keep trying to bring in new and exciting beers and beer makers for you to sample and meet.


Free wine tastings happen every month on the 15th regardless of the day of the week. The beauty of this is as all you wine fans well know the 15th also means 15% off all your wine purchases. Usually we select a variety of wines from one of our wholesalers and they join us and pour for you and answer all your questions. All of our wine reps are very knowledgeable and love talking to the public about their products. Occasionally we will have a special wine tasting because someone from a winery is in town for a visit as we did with Carla from Trapiche. Those you just have to keep your eyes open for.

How can I find out about upcoming tastings?

Well, we always have signs posted in the store. You can email Star at to get added to our email list. You can also become a fan of Star on Facebook where we offer constant reminders of upcoming events

Remaining Beer Tastings for 2010:

Nov 5 – New Glarus

Nov 12 – Furthermore

Nov 19 – Hinterland

Dec 3 – Founders

Dec 10 – Sierra Nevada

Dec 17 – Capital

Remaining Wine Tastings for 2010:

Monday November 15th and Wednesday December 15th

See you all there!