Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching "Catch A Star" Fever!

So I have a confession for you all. You the faithful and discerning fans of good old Star Liquor. I confess to you that I have a fever. Yes, that is right, a fever. No I am not ill. I have not caught a bug, nor some sort of flu. This fever is caused by excitement and anticipation. This is "Catch a Star" fever.

Have you caught it yet?

You will!

How could you not?

What am I talking about you ask?

Why I am talking about winning a $500 Shopping Spree at Star Liquor!

$500 to stock your liquor cabinet!
$500 to pack the wine rack!
$500 to build your self a fortress inside your beer fridge that seemingly never ends!

Or maybe...just have had your eye an a bottle for a while. You know what I am talking about. Don't you? That bottle down in Star Liquor's temperature controlled wine cellar. Maybe that bottle calling to you from the single malt scotch selection would be your choice.

The possibilities are endless and they boggle the mind.

The best part is that it is ever so easy to enter this contest. Again and again and again.

You just have to do what you were going to do anyway. You just have to come to Star Liquor...oh and look up. Look up at the sign above our door. The sign that tells you how special you are and how much we love you. (blush) On that sign there is a colored Star. That Star could be any one of 5 different colors. What you have to do is remember the color of the Star until you get home and email that color to We will take the first 20 emails from each color change and enter them into a drawing for the shopping spree. The drawing for the shopping spree will take place on Sunday, September 18th. The Sunday of Willy Street Fair Weekend. There will also be monthly drawing for smaller prizes beginning June 15th.

For full contest rules check our the Events page at Don't miss the extreme video from Pumpkin Blast 2009 while you are there.

So remember to "Catch A Star" when you stop into Star Liquor. I mean it is $500 worth of booze. Heck, stop into Star and we will give you a card with an email reminder and then all you have to do is look up. Ha!
See you all soon!