Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Is A League Game, Smokey. (Part 1)

Day 1 - The Garden Party & Movie Screening

I know, I know. You really want to know how Lebowski Fest was. Well, if it's any indication, the recovery period is just about over. Only took a week and a half!

It was nothing less than perfect that the hotel we were residing in was literally next door to Executive Lanes, the home to the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest.

Staying at the hotel was a treat in itself.

It was impossible to avoid the large number of Achievers swarming the hotel. Between the Caucasians, Lebowski-related shirts, or flat out costumes, it certainly wasn't hard to recognize who was around specifically for the festival.
Quotes from the movie could be heard at nearly any moment, whether it be in the pool, in the elevator, in the cocktail lounge, in the cocktail lounge, or even in the cocktail lounge.

For those of you who just plain aren't familiar with the Big Lebowski, what are you doing? Go rent / buy / netflix / pirate it immediately. It's important. Consider it essential knowledge for the growing mind.

For those of you who just aren't familiar with Lebowski Fest, allow me to break it down. It's made up of two main ideas.

Idea #1 is typical festival activities. Games, Live Music, Contests, Drinking, Eating, Dancing.

Idea #2 is all things Lebowski. Costumes, Trivia, Bowling, Caucasians, Abiding.

It's a simple concept, and a great time.

Friday evening we arrived just in time to catch the Felice Brothers begin there set. Obviously very influenced by bourbon and Bob Dylan, they danced around the stage and serenaded the crowd with great songs about folk tales and whiskey drinkin'.

Following the concert, Jim Hoosier, (also known as Liam, Jesus' bowling teammate from the movie) came out to introduce the movie and thank everyone for coming. If I recall correctly, which I doubt, he mentioned it was his 6th Lebowski Fest. That's a lot of Caucasian's, Jackie.
Scott and Will, the founders of Lebowski fest, came out and presented Jim with what could possibly be the most important film award ever created. 'Best Supporting Actor In A Non Speaking Role'. Naturally, in the form of a replica Oscar.

Than the main event of Friday's activities.

A giant projection screen was rolled out, the tension built, and beers were hastily refilled as 20 minutes of technical difficulties stood between the lawn full of drunken Achievers and Sam Elliot's strict southern voice telling us about a man they call The Dude. Finally, the Universal Pictures Intro music began and the lawn erupted in raised glasses and deafening applause.

Sam Elliot (The Stranger) began his narrative, and a buzz rode through the crowd as a few hundred people helped him tell the story. And I can't imagine Bob Dylan wouldn't have smiled and raised his chin to the boisterous rendition of "The Man in Me" that was sung collectively by a lawn full of traveled Achievers.

It's definitely an interesting experience watching a movie with a large crowd of people that a high percentage of actually do know every line. I can't possibly imagine that watching that movie in any other way will ever compare to collective fun that the Garden Party brought with it. But than again, we'll just see what happens next year.

Day 2 recap is coming shortly....I just have to find some Kahlua.

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